Lowther Hills Ski Sale

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Help us make Scotland's first wooded ski slope

We finally have permission to plant trees on Lowther Hill, so let's do it. Read more ...

Building work underway!

Building work underway! Finally, most of the lease and grant-related paperwork is out of the way. We're now busy building as quickly as we can before the winter arrives. Keep an eye out for the November work parties!

Lowther Hills Ski Club Facilities

"Lowther Hills Ski Club runs South of Scotland's only snowsports centre"

Founded in 1986, we are a volunteer-based, family-friendly club which has snowsports facilities on the Lowther Hills.

We operate a nursery slope with a 140 metre-long rope tow in the village of Leadhills and an area for intermediates with a 450 metre-long rope tow on Lowther Hill.

Read more about the Club and join us to be part of the only snowsports centre in the South of Scotland!


Did you know about the pioneering history of the Lowther Hills in Scottish snowsports? From Scotland's first Curling societies in the 1700s to the early plans to create Scotland's first commercial ski centre in the 1950s.