Lowther Hills has a unique set up when compared with other Scottish ski centres:
We are the only volunteer-run, community-owned ski area in Scotland.

A social enterprise, Lowther Hills Ski Club Community Interest Company is the organisation that makes skiing possible in the Lowther Hills. Locally known as "The Ski Club", it oversees the legalities, administration and management of the ski area, from running the ski tows in winter when volunteers are available, to filling forms, building, and maintenance work in the off-season.

First and foremost, we are a friendly bunch of locals and people from further afield, mainly within the south of Scotland, all sharing a common passion for the mountains and, specifically, our Lowther Hills.

Skiing conditions are often marginal at low altitudes in Scotland (Read more about the local weather). It is solely due to our volunteers' hard work that skiing facilities can exist in an area like the Lowther Hills. The vast bulk of the on-the-slope and off-hill work is undertaken by our volunteers in their free time. Some of our members even take leave from their day job to help at the Ski Club. Running a small area like Lowther Hills, where in an average winter we operate the lifts 20 days if volunteers are available, is a massive, year-round time-commitment. And it is also a rewarding experience.

Work parties are a part of our club culture and are an ideal way to not only contribute to the club, but are also a great way to meet like-minded people. Good friendships have been forged on the hill. For many, the club functions as more of a community or an extended family rather than just a group of skiers. Our members are offered the opportunity to ski, work, and socialise together, united in their enjoyment of this unique trait of Scottish alpine culture.

While we don't expect every single one of our members to fraternise or contribute to a work party on the hill, we ask all members to be mindful of the enormous amount of unpaid work and time that a few put on this project so that it can be enjoyed by the many. Please support your club wherever you can: looking for funding, donating, helping at events, sharing on facebook... Check out some ideas here.

Whether you are a first time skier or a seasoned snowsports enthusiast, membership of the Lowther Hills Ski Club is open to all. We look forward to welcoming new members and sharing with more snowsport enthusiasts the club's culture of helping out, enjoying, and communally sharing the rewards of our voluntary work.