Thank you to all our wonderful, committed and amazing volunteers who erected the first pylons of the Lowther Hill rope tow on Sunday 23rd November 2014.

Thanks to Jamie Adcock, Ed Forrest, Cath Hoult, Tim Mullens, Amelia Shoemark, Des Reid, David Warnock, Ross Dolder, Rab Paul and Anjo Abelaira, the first six pylons of the Lowther Hill rope tow are now in place. Thanks also to Pete Hutton for his help carrying the pylons to Lowther Hill early in the morning while many were asleep.

Some photos of the day... (see also Ross Dolder's account of the day at

Ed Forrest and Jamie Adcock securing a pylon on Throw Rig. Shortcleuch reservoir and part of the village of Leadhills can be seen in the background. Photo by Des Reid.

A good view over the tow line. In the background, the remains of the old ski tow / tractor used by the South of Scotland Ski Club during the 1960s-1970s. Photo by Des Reid.

Lunch in the gully - Keeping out of the biting cold wind, some of our morning's work on the skyline. Photo by Ross Dolder.

Setting up another tower. Photo by Ross Dolder.

The Lowther Hills Ski Club is run entirely by volunteers. The Club holds work parties to maintain our equipment and run the ski tows. If you would be willing to give us a hand at any work meets please get in touch.