Rope spliced, drive wheel ready to be coupled to the engine, vehicle recovery, and celebration as the Engine Hut survived hurricane gusts of 100mph .

Saturday 3rd January. In Leadhills, Nathan Lee Devan laid the new floor in the temporary clubhouse. On Lowther Hill, the tow's rope was made ready to be spliced.

Thursday 8th January. Alex Peden, Ross Dolder, Chris Penny and Anjo Abelaira transported an additional support wheel to Lowther Hill, examined positioning options for the drive wheel, and did further strengthening of the Engine Hut. The hard work that our volunteers put over the past two weeks reinforcing the Engine Hut paid off so far as the building survived the hurricane gusts of 100mph experienced at Lowther Hill during the weekend.

Friday 9th January. Ross Dolder, Chris Penny and Anjo Abelaira on Lowther Hill, strengthening the engine shed, and splicing the ski tow's rope under wet, cold, and very windy conditions.

Saturday 10th January. Cath Hoult, Des Reid, Ross Dolder and Anjo Abelaira digging the foundation for the drive wheel. The Ski Club's quad bike, which broke down the day before in the middle of the slope, was recovered and taken down to Leadhills for repair.

The Lowther Hills Ski Club is run entirely by volunteers. The Club holds work parties to maintain our equipment and run the ski tows. If you would be willing to give us a hand at any work meets please get in touch.