Sunday 22nd March was an exciting day. We brought the temporary club hut to Whiteside and test-ran the Lowther Hill ski tow for the first time. Thank you to all our members for your continued confidence in us because without your support we couldn’t have made this happen.

Rope tensioned and everything now ready for the big test.

Testing the rope on the drive wheel and getting the engine ready to work.

Engine and drive wheel coupled and bolted down. Getting ready to test the tow.

Anti-vibration engine mounts installed at the engine hut, and snow storm aftermath...

Over half of the snow fencing is up, a few preparatory adjustments carried out on pylons and drive wheel, and general site tidy up.

Engine and drive wheel aligned, snow fencing ready to go up, and a few more bits and pieces.

We're trying to fund a solar powered webcam for the Lowther Hills Ski Club so you can see the snow. Even if you don't ski or snowboard, you'll love the view in the Southern Uplands above Scotland's highest villages.

Rope spliced, drive wheel ready to be coupled to the engine, vehicle recovery, and celebration as the Engine Hut survived hurricane gusts of 100mph .

We strengthened the engine hut and successfully ran the Lowther Hill ski tow engine for the first time.

... and here's a brief overview of what others said about us over the past year.

Club members will receive their ski passes in the course of next week. The Lowther Hills Ski Pass has been designed by renown illustrator Andrew Foley (

Volunteers constructed the engine shed and pinned the final pylons for the ski lift as night fell.

All remaining pylons now welded and ready to go on the hill.

Look! Santa has dropped off a little present for the Lowther Hills Ski Club!

The site is now prepared for construction of the engine hut.