On Wednesday 15th October we had a work party at Wanlockhead to sort the ski tow pylons and get them ready to go to Lowther Hill.

We are hosting a "Volunteer Open Day" on Sunday 12th October in Leadhills Golf Course and up on Lowther Hill.

Meet us at 12.30pm at Leadhills Golf Course. We will see the beginners' area at the Golf Course and then will go up to Lowther Hill, where the ski tow and clubhouse will be built. The tour will take about 2 hours approximately.

Are you a qualified ski or snowboard instructor and based in the South of Scotland? We'd love to hear from you...

South Lanarkshire Council is currently processing the final stages of our planning application for the "erection of a timber clubhouse, toilet facility, engine house and rope tow to facilitate downhill skiing" on Lowther Hill.

A massive thank you to all our volunteers for their great work at Harwood on Sunday 14th September 2014.

With the help of our friends from Harwood Ski Federation Ltd, we successfully demolished the two engine sheds and brought the ski tow engine to the Lowther Hills.

We wholeheartedly thank our volunteers for their tremendous work at Harwood on Saturday 6th September 2014.

Donald Chalmers, Ross Dolder, Ed Forrest, Allan and Louise Guild, Tim Mullens and Peter Stewart helped our ski centre become a reality by helping to transport the first half of Harwood's equipment to the Lowther Hills.

We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, without whom our work would not be possible. We invite you to support these community-minded businesses.

This rare film, possibly the only surviving film of early skiing in the Lowthers and in the South of Scotland, shows a day of skiing in Wanlockhead in the late 1960s.

You are invited to attend our annual AGM on Sunday 21st September 2014 at the Hopetoun Arms Hotel in Leadhills.

We would like to thank the Clyde Wind Farm Fund for their forward thinking support and believing in the positive impact our facilities will bring not only to the families of our local community with but also the wider South of Scotland.

A very big Thank You to all those who contacted us after Snowsports Scotland, Glencoe Mountain Resort and WinterHighland.info kindly publicised our new website.

We are hosting a "Volunteer Open Day" on July 27th in Lowther Hill.

Come along and enjoy a visit to the slopes before the works start in September. Meet new friends and like-minded people interested in snowsports, and find out how you could help to create and be part of the first ski centre in the South of Scotland.

Welcome to our new website www.skiclub.lowtherhills.com where you will find the latest updates about the Lowther Hills Ski Club. Please also subscribe to our Newsletter and follow us in Facebook to make sure you don't miss a thing about snowsports in the South of Scotland.

In 2013 the Lowther Hills Ski Club elected a new Committee with experience in ski centre operations and a strong commitment to provide access to Winter sports for the wider public on a more regular basis.

An unique opportunity has arisen as the Pennines-based Harwood Ski Club, has offered us the chance to acquire their equipment and relocate it to Lowther Hill.

The Lowther Hills - Cradle of Snowsports in Scotland. A Historical Background; from Scotland's first Curling societies in the 1700s to the early plans to create Scotland's first commercial ski centre in the 1950s.

Be part of the only ski centre in the South of Scotland!

Lowther Hills is a membership-based ski area. You must be a Lowther Hills Ski Club member in order to use the club's facilities.

Joining Lowther Hills Ski Club is a way to support a historic Scottish ski hill. Your membership helps to keep in operation the only skiing facility in the South of Scotland.

Joining Lowther Hills Ski Club allows you to use the ski tows free of charge every day we open.

Your Lowther Hills membership benefits also include discounts on day tickets at other Scottish ski centres.

Lowther Hills is a membership-based ski area which is run by unpaid volunteers. Please read about our Club Culture. For further information about the Club or details of membership, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note we have no hire equipment. Members are responsible for bringing their own equipment.

Please be considerate and join well in advance to allow our volunteers enough time to process your membership and club insurance. We are not able to process new memberships, do admin work, and reply to emails when we are busy out there running the tows and managing the crowds :-)

Buy your 2017/18 Membership here:

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For mum, dad, and their joint children under 18 years old

Adult Season Pass / £39

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Under 18s Pass / £22.00

Single annual memberships for children under 18

Permanent residents in the villages of Leadhills and Wanlockhead are eligible for discounted membership fees.

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Club Culture

Lowther Hills has a unique set up when compared with other Scottish ski areas. It is Scotland's only community-owned ski centre, a volunteer-run social enterprise where members undertake all tasks associated with running the mountain. New members who understand this culture of helping out, enjoying, and communally sharing the rewards are most welcome to join Lowther Hills Ski Club. Read more....