We can now confirm that Lowther Hills Ski Club Community Interest Company has obtained a lease over 3 hectares (7.5 acres) of land at Lowther Hill.

The area covers just the strip of land of the existing ski slope and the site of the clubhouse which received planning permission back in 2014. The lease provides security of tenure for only 25 years and restricts the use of the site to a seasonal ski field, but it is enough for the funders to release the funding for the clubhouse.

Over the next days your fantastic volunteers will be busy finalising the new load of paperwork related to the release of the funds and the rescheduling of the site works.

We expect we might be in a position to start some of the works by mid-October. As mentioned in our previous update, the late arrival of the lease means it is unlikely that the clubhouse will be built in time for this winter season.

Still, we are now able to start completing other projects that the lack of security of tenure was holding up. The next months are likely to be very busy for the club and we'll need as much volunteer help as we can get.

So, cheers everybody for an important milestone in the development of snowsports on Lowther Hill. It has taken much work and perseverance to get here.

In case you haven't realised, over the past 100 years a number of different initiatives tried to put Lowther Hill on the Scottish skiing scene. We are the only ones that have succeeded in creating permanent snowsports facilities on the hill.

Once again, big thanks all our supporters, our hard working club volunteers, our extremely patient builder, and our understanding funders for ensuring we didn't lose the funding for the building over the past couple of years.