Engine and drive wheel aligned, snow fencing ready to go up, and a few more bits and pieces.

As the snow was melting in Leadhills and Wanlockhead, we went back to Lowther Hill to continue working on the main tow. We were treated with a stunning cloud inversion and clear views over the Galloway Hills, Isle of Arran, Southern Highlands, and Lake District.

We made good progress on Saturday, digging on rock-hard, frozen soil and leveling the ground for the drive wheel. In an extraordinary display of supernatural strength, our volunteers moved the 1 tonne engine and drive wheel, aligning them with the tow line. The tow's rope was dug off the snow and put back on the pylons.

On Sunday, we continued doing adjustments on the drive wheel and rolled off most of the 250 metres of snow fencing, getting it ready to go up at the next work party.

We also looked into running a 200 metre-long portable tow into the steep and narrow Shortcleuch gully. We wanted to test practical and safety aspects of running a tow there for the future. Unfortunately, visibility turned poor in the late afternoon and we had to postpone the experiment. Here's a wee video of conditions at the gully on Sunday: