Testing the rope on the drive wheel and getting the engine ready to work.

Sunday 8th March. The Futty family pulled the tow's rope to the drive wheel, Rab Paul and Robert Paul tried to start the tow engine, and Anjo Abelaira tested the position of the tow rope on the drive wheel.

Sunday 10th March. Some repairs to the snow fencing, a bit more tidying up around the Engine Hut, and measurements taken for the construction of the rope hatch.

Saturday 14th March. Packing up the tow at the Nursery Area in Leadhills and cleaning the clubhouse with the keen help of some of the club's youngest members.

The Lowther Hills Ski Club is run entirely by volunteers. The Club holds work parties to maintain our equipment and run the ski tows. If you would be willing to give us a hand at any work meets please get in touch.