Lowther Hills Ski Club held its AGM on the 14th June 2015; thank you to the 10 members who attended the meeting and 10 other members who send their apologies.

After last AGM's minutes were read and approved, the Chairman gave a report on how the club has been progressing over recent months and plans for the coming season. The Treasurer's report showed a healthy state of club finances.

The attending members voted unanimously to change the legal structure of the Ski Club into a Community Interest Company as a matter of urgency before winter 2015/16. This is expected to be completed before December 2015. The membership will be kept updated during the process. A copy of the draft AGM minutes will also be circulated shortly.

The following Committee Members were elected and will manage the Ski Club's affairs until the new legal structure is in place:

Chairman: Anjo Abelaira
Secretary: Kelly Gardiner-Penny
Treasurer: Des Reid
Committee officer: Ross Dolder
Committee officer: Cath Hoult
Committee officer: Tim Mullens
Committee officer: Rab Paul
Committee officer: Chris Penny
Committee officer: Elysha Ramage