We are pleased to announce that Lowther Hills will be host to the 2016 SSSA Alpine Race Series.

... and here's our annual review of what has been reported about Lowther Hills over the past year. For a trip down memory late, check 2014's headlines here.

Our webcam set-up is unique (winterhighland webcams on Lowther Hill ), it is not just at a high elevation, but it is entirely off-grid, communicating to the outside world over a mobile network and without a connection to mains electricity.

The weather is an element of Ski Club work life which is sometimes overlooked by those who follow our progress. We often find ourselves in a position where we have important jobs to do, and volunteers available to do them in their free time on a Saturday or Sunday, but adverse weekend weather conditions prevent us from progressing our plans.

On the other hand, our life is made easier by many businesses from our local area and beyond, who generously support our plans to make the Lowther Hills the mountain playground of the south of Scotland.

We are very sad to report that our temporary clubhouse on Whiteside was completely destroyed by Storm Desmond during the night of Saturday 5th December.

It is with great pride that we present this season's membership pass, designed by renown illustrator Andrew Foley (www.leafywonder.com).

Lowther Hills Ski Club is working with snowboard school The Northern Movement to provide snowsports instruction and coaching for our members this season 2015/16.

We here at Lowther Hills Ski Club do many things. Building and digging until late in the night, getting soaking wet and eaten by midges, begging shamelessly, and generally recycling stuff that nobody else wants. Oh, and we also like getting people into snowsports...

We are pleased to report that Lowther Hills is now on Winterhighland's app, Scotland's most popular snowsports application software for iPhone and Android users.

It has been a busy couple of months since our last general update back in August. We have been pleased to see some of the paperwork activity of the past months starting to bear fruit.

It's been a very busy September organising this exciting cycling event which has brought a lot of kudos and exposure for the Ski Club, and will contribute to achieve the next round of developments at Lowther Hill.

[UPDATE] 06th September 2019: After much searching and begging throughout the Alps, Pyrenees and Scandinavia, we've finally found the vehicle that is going to beautifully piste those bumpy snowdrifts on Lowther Hill for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to soon-to-be South of Scotland's only snowgroomer: a mighty Kässbohrer PB070 (similar to the one in the picture below). We need to act quickly but we're still a bit short of funds. So, here's a bit more begging: any spare pennies that you may be able to donate to the cause will be as always much appreciated. Please donate here.

[UPDATE] 31st May 2019: We are now half way our target! Your Lowther Hills volunteers are working extremely hard to ensure we buy South of Scotland's first snowgroomer before the winter season 2019/2020. We have just finished building the garage and access for the groomer. Everything is ready for it. Let's give it the final push!

We need your help to raise £9,900 to purchase a snow groomer which could double the number of skiable days at Lowther Hill.

We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, without whom our work would not be possible. We invite you to support these community-minded businesses.

Renew your membership before 31st October for early bird prices

We are keeping last year's membership fees until the 31st October. Membership fees will rise a 10% after that date, so renew your membership or take your new membership before the 31st October to benefit from last season's fees.

Junior members of the Lowther Hills Ski Club came to help their club to get ready for the season, and had fun painting the Engine Hut in a beautiful forest green colour.

As part of our fundraising efforts towards the purchase of a snowgroomer, Lowther Hill will hold one of Scotland's most exciting cycling events: the Lowther Hills Snowball Sportive.