Happy Christmas to all members, volunteers and friends of Lowther Hills. Some young volunteers of the Lowther Hills Junior Ski Patrol visited Lowther Hill today to check whether there would be enough snow to run the Lowther tow this week.

Unfortunately, not; last night's snowfall left a nice cosmetic snow cover in Scotland's Highest Villages but left us short of enough depth on the slopes to operate safely, both at village level and on the hill.

It's going to be sunny on Wednesday and Thursday. Ski tourers thinking about visiting the Lowther Hills, the Radar Road is your best way up the hill. The first third of the road is patchy but the rest has just enough cover to get you going all the way to the top.

There is a snow forecast for the weekend starting on Friday. It is unlikely that it will leave enough snow at village level but it should just provide the wee top up that is needed to open the tow at Lowther Hill. Therefore we'll be looking forward to opening Lowther Hill either on Saturday or Sunday if 1) There is enough snow, 2) Visibility and wind speed on the hill are safe, 3) We have volunteers available. As always, members will receive a further update in due course.

Please remember: Lowther Hills is a membership-based ski club. You need to sign up as a member to use the club's facilities, and only members receive information regarding the opening times of the slope. Join here: http://www.skiclub.lowtherhills.com/join