The snow showers we had last weekend left a generous dusting of snow on the hill. That was followed by strong winds early in the week which moved some drifting snow towards the snowfences.

As it's often the case in the Lowther Hills, and particularly at this early time of the season, the hype was dampened (pun!) by three consecutive days of torrential rain which melted all the snow and took us back to square one... oh, wait. Look at this:

Lowther Hill, yesterday. Those zigzagging white lines that you see on the picture are the result of several years of work parties and investment in state-of-the-art snowfencing.

It's an encouraging start, as most of that snow should survive today's and tomorrow's mild & wet weather before the cold(-ish) temperatures return again next week. So, fingers crossed, with a bit of a top-up on several broken areas we may have an opportunity to play during the Christmas holidays. Join now / renew your membership now before we start running the tows!