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What a great week we had at Leadhills! Here is a video by Jamie Glendinning showing what has been our daily routine over the past week.

Good news: our mighty Engine Hut has survived Storm Eleanor and we also enjoyed a pleasant, sunny and crisp day at Lowther Hill, making the most of the very thin snow cover we had on the slope.

Happy new year. Above, Lowther Hill on the 30th December right before Storm Dylan paid us a visit.

Happy Christmas to all members, volunteers and friends of Lowther Hills. Some young volunteers of the Lowther Hills Junior Ski Patrol visited Lowther Hill today to check whether there would be enough snow to run the Lowther tow this week.

We enjoyed another week of snow at Scotland's Highest Villages with the tows running on Thursday, Friday and Saturday thanks to the availability of our volunteers. Excellent conditions, best snow quality at village level since the 2015/16 season.

Fantastic weekend at the nursery area in Leadhills, where we opened Friday, Saturday and Sunday thanks to the hard work and availability of our fantastic volunteers.

Excellent conditions at the Nursery slope tonight and beautiful night skiing under a starry sky. Ski Club members will receive further updates regarding opening times pending on snow conditions and availability of volunteers. Oh, and "Lowther Hills in southern Scotland gets bragging rights for being first in the country to open for 2017-18" !

Looks like the chances of a final slide this season are definitely over. Thank you all for supporting the only ski centre in the south of Scotland, now keep an eye out for the summer work parties. Here is a short video of the first slide of the season back in November, on the same day we were holding the ski club's AGM down in Leadhills!

Cold air is back on the hills. The forecast for the next days is a mix of sleet and rain, possibly the last snowfalls of the season on Lowther Hill. Here is a picture taken this morning of the engine hut and the top of the slopes.

Lowther Hill today, showing the last surviving patches of snow in the Shortcleuch gully and on both sides of the snow fence. Warm temperatures and no prospect of snow in the long range forecast. As always, members will be keep updated should there be a change in the weather.

A fresh dusting of snow on the hills, but more is needed to run the tows which were last open on the 23rd February. Here's a picture taken this morning of the Southern Upland Way through Wanlockhead.

All the snow is gone after the heavy rain and warm temperatures of the past week. Snow is due to return by mid week together with strong winds. Members will receive further updates before the weekend.

The Lowther Hill tow opened for members during the past week. The rain is now back and washing the snow off the hill, but we had some good fun and are looking forward to the next snowfall.

Similar to the same time last year, the last few days have brought snow and gale force winds. The difference? Last year we didn't have any snowfence on Lowther Hill, the wind scoured the snow off the slope and we were not able to open. Now, thanks to the first lines of basic snowfences that we built in the late Autumn 2016, we got enough snow to open Lowther Hill for our die-hard members. But running the tow in winds of up to 50mph with a windchill of -10°C is not for the fainthearted...

Lowther Hill has seen a mix of snow and rain over the past days but this week's forecast suggests that the weather is finally getting colder! A proper snowfall is still needed. Ski Club members will receive further updates as soon as we have enough snow to run the tows.

Here's a wee dusting of snow today in Scotland's highest villages, but more is needed to open the tows. Next week we will have some frost and light rain. Winter has not really reached Scotland this season yet; persistent blocking has stopped the Atlantic storms which usually fill the snow fences in January. In the meantime, let's keep an eye on the weather forecast and the webcams.

Better conditions than expected at the Nursery slope tonight, beautiful night skiing under a full moon sky. Ski Club members will receive further updates regarding opening times pending on snow conditions and availability of volunteers.

Looks like winter could be back to the south of Scotland next week. Ski Club members will receive further updates as the snow arrives. Not a member yet? Get your 2016/17 membership now before our volunteers are busy running the tows :-)

Here's a picture of Wanlockhead and Lowther Hill today, 26th December, under a thin dusting of snow. It looks like we have survived Storm Barbara and Storm Conor with no major weather damage. The weather forecast looks unsettled until the New Year, as it has been the case over the past two seasons (in 2015/16 we opened for the first time on Friday 8th January and in 2014/15 we opened on Sunday 11th January. Please remember to get your 2016/17 membership now before the snow arrives (bear in mind how busy our volunteers are when they are running the tows!)

Another late Autumn snowfall in Scotland's highest villages. Not enough to run the tows, but not long to go either!

Good morning from Scotland's highest villages. Here is the first snowfall of the 2016/17 season!